Cheryl Slavik

My cleaning day is every other Monday.  A few weeks ago, on a Tuesday after, my four year old granddaughter said, “Gramma did you just get your house cleaned?” I said yes and asked her why, her reply was, “it smells so clean!” That says it all!!!


Audrey Frank Adkisson

“I mostly lay around the house all day; it’s pretty hard work if you ask me.  But monthly my human, Frank comes home and tells me how wonderful it is to return to seeing the house so clean.  It’s as if he thinks I did it myself.  Well I do supervise from my perch atop the couch but they know what they are doing and I just watch.  They’re amazing. Diana from Two Girls Cleaning comes and does it all.  Sinks scrubbed clean.  Vacuuming.  Dusting.  The works.  Frank says how enjoyable it is to come home and see how the place looks all spiffed up.”


Faye Comer

I’ve used the cleaning service of Two Girls Cleaning for over 6 years and have been extremely pleased with the service they provide. I Love the care, pride and attention to detail that’s given while cleaning my home.  When I walk in after Two Girls have cleaned it, it smells wonderful & looks all new…At that moment I know I have entered The Stress-Free Zone! The only thing left to do is to Relax and Enjoy it!”


Sarpy Chiropractic

“Two Girls Cleaning has been wonderful to work with! They are efficient, affordable and always get everything cleaned to perfection. Diana is easy to work with and communicates well about services provided and the fees for those services. We love that they deep clean everything and don’t use harmful chemicals! We would refer anyone to use their services!”

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