Our clients enjoy the finest quality cleaning services. Here’s what they had to say:

Christi Kjar

“I have been a customer of Two Girls Cleaning Service for one year. They do a really good job! If you are looking for pleasant, efficient, organized ladies to clean your home….Two Girls Cleaning is a good choice.”


Courtney Callaway

“I became a customer of Two Girls Cleaning two years ago. I’ve been very satisfied. Two Girls Cleaning is professional, timely, and best of all, great at cleaning! Their service is much appreciated and comes highly recommended! Two Girls Cleaning has excellent service! Hard water stains are now a thing of the past! Two Girls Cleaning has always been extremely professional, thorough, and fairly priced. Thanks for all your great work ladies. :)”

Chris Klamm

“Five out of five stars! Have you ever thought about getting a cleaning service for your home? I know I did for years and we finally did it. BEST thing we have ever done! Imagine coming home from work, you walk in the door and the house is fresh smelling and CLEAN. The best feeling in the world not having to worry about bathrooms, vacuuming, etc… NOW is the time and you need to call Two Girls Cleaning, they are the BEST. We were a little skeptical at first, not sure if they would be up to the standards of the ‘Clean Freak Michelle’, but they exceeded it. I highly recommend them, they do a top notch job!!!! Diana is the bomb!! Now if I could just get her to cook for us, life would be good!!

Give them a call TODAY, you won’t regret it!!!”


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